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Our Artists work mainly in semi-precious gems, for example:  Tiger Eye, Amethyst, Aventurine, Jaspers, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Obsidian, Black Tourmaline, Quartz, Fluorite, Carnelian, Garnets, Opals and much more!   We strive to have quality and affordability for the everyday wearer.   A2Z is so very lucky to have the remains of the vintage collection of the "Herman Estate" who operated a custom jewelry shop in the the '50's to '80 in Fulton County NY.  Herman's jewelry is truly a collectible as none more will be made like them.  All hand crafted by Herman himself; he even made some findings himself, but crafted and manufactured all of his cabochons by hand. NO MORE OF HIS WORK will be found.  While they aren't antiques yet, they are good start to your personal heritage collection.  Never worn before.  So you'll be the first in 50 to 30 years with many more years to treasure.  All Herman pieces will be certified from the collection by A2Z.



A2Z invite our viewers to display their own creations with us.  By sharing, we can create new energies and ideas amongst us.  Stop into our "Public Creations" and brag about your creations (click here).  Need to know what mineral does what?  Check out our Snapshot Guide (click here).  Our Artists do commission work.  Just ask!  (click here). 


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Handcrafted Semi Precious Bracelets (men, women & children)


Rosary and Bracelets

 Adirondack Rockhounding ClubCHARMS
Pet Charms

 (nice enough for the

  human adornment too!)

Jeweler's Minerals For Sale


 Jeweler's Minerals

Amethyst Meets the Pearl - Silver Plated Sterling Earrings with Gemstones


Artisan Handcrafted Semi Precious Earrings

Al a Natural Jewelry For Sale


 Undisturbed minerals,

 designed by mother earth


Jewelers Gemstones for Sale


Cabochons, Facets and Freeform, Chips and Sets

Men's Flourite Shambella Necklace For Sale


For Men and Women

Gemstone Jar Pendants for Sale

Gemstone Chips in a Jar

Multiple Uses (embellishment, inlay,

pendant, craft supply, spa & potion

supply) 20 varieties available



Vintage Jewelry Collection

  Herman Estate Collection



(all certified from e Herman collection)




  (all certified from Herman vintage



 Setting your own?  Our favorite

 place to stock up is Tripps.



 Variety of Men's, Women's Rings,

 for Fingers and Toe's!  (all certified

 from e Herman collection)


ALL Herman Estate pieces come with certification We're bringing new life to these hidden treasures.  Herman created vintage custom designed jewelry in his lifetime from the early '60 to the '80's.  


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